Saturday, December 1, 2012

Friends before around four month we raised our voice everywhere in govt system for justice in Geeta dowry death case, but no body helped. Rajasthan police didnt act on this case and didnt do any arresting till more than one month. Than case has been transferred to CBCID on the request of accused family, even victim's family requested not to transfer the case. When CBCID also didnt call case file till one month, the propose had shown that they wanted to weak this case. Than we mate CM, after that only IO appointed by CBCID. Now we felt it will impossible to get any justice here in this situation, as accused family has influence (Geeta's husband's Aunty is a daughter of EX MP, his Aunty's son is a IAS, his uncle is a RPS, and one Uncle is President Jaat mahasabha) in the system. Than we decided to go to High Court for justice. And after a long struggle Geeta got the justice from Rajsthan High Court. High court ordered to arrest all three accused ( as par Ratangar DSP's report). Thanks to judiciary system, but still thinks why our society and system is so insensitive in women issues. 

Here i would also like to thanks Vibhuti Bhushan Sharma who gave us a best lawyer, who without coming in any influance, gain this victory for Geeta and tries to provide her justice. And also DSP Ratangarh, who gives an unbiased report. B
ut its only a first step towards the justice, MANJIL ABHI BAAKI HAI.  

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