Thursday, May 3, 2007

Film Review – Ta Ra Ram Pam

This is a nice family movie. The whole story based on a small and sweet family- a husband, wife & their two lovely kids, living with full of happiness. Husband is successful car racer and believes to enjoy the each & every movement of present life, but no plans for future. An accident entirely changes their life and lots of challenges they have to face. They all tougher fought against the challenges and get back all that, they lost. Allought it has a dramatic happy ending, but sounds very pleasant to the audience.

This simple story, simply pass four massages to us:

1) A family stands upon four pillars- trust, understanding, love & co-operations.
2) Tougher we can, tougher we win.
3) Enjoy your present, but plan your future too.
4) No body is prefect, two different tougher make prefects to each other.

So.. What u are waiting for? Just go and watch this movie once ...

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amit tiwari said...

A good review overall.