Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Struggle agunest brutal Chattisgarh Goverment

Chhattisgarh state Youth Congress organized Vidhan Sabha Gherao programme on 12th July to protest against- 1.paddy scam worth corers in the rice mill of a relative of BJP M.P. Tarachand Sahu, 2.take encounter in Punjer, 3.killing innocent tribals, 4.human rights violation under the cover of Chhattisgarh Public Security Act. 5.Rising Naxal threat

Other demands were- 1.CBI enquiry in tar scam and various other scams, 2.immediate suspension of unnecessary power cut in state, 3.Rs. 500 unemployment allowance to unemployed youths as per the declaration made by present B.J.P. government prior to last assembly polls.

The Gherao program was graced by former Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Shri Ajit Jogiji, National Youth Congress President Shri Ashok Tanwar, State Youth congress president Yogesh Tiwari along with several other Congress MLA’S of state legislative assembly. The Program was carried out as per the expectations of Oscar Frnadis, incharge frontal organizations and supported by enthusiastic youth congress activists.

I have personally witnessed that during the course of demonstration, Youth Congress activists were subjected roughly from state police, who fired tear gas shells and even metal bombs alongwith water canyons and brisk lathi charge. The entire exercise by police injured 20 Youth Congress activists and one of them even received metal bombs in his body. The metal piece of 3-4 inch. Which got pierced inside the body was removed during operation and the YC activists is still nursing his wounds in the hospital.

On July 13 while YC activists were staying a peaceful demonstration in a democratic way, police again resorted to Lathi Charge and injured several other YC activists. The State BJP government didn’t calm down even after these incidents and police clamped various criminal charges against 1000 YC activists. The YC activist were treated like other regular criminals which formed house search and sending them to jail. Some other YC activists led by state president Yogesh Tiwari courted arrest and 43 YC activist were send to jail. Serious charges were clamped against YC activist that they failed to secure bail even today.

To secure unconditional release of YC activist and state president Yogesh Tiwari, YC members are resorting to various political measures like Chakka Jam, protest demonstration against the state BJP government but again the police is threatening to arrest them and clamp criminal charges. Congress Legislative Party raised the issue inside the assembly and stayed demonstration.

All these have failed to move the state BJP government. The arrested YC activist in protest against the policies of BJP government and to secure their unconditional release from jail are on relay hunger strike inside jail from July 16.

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Sanjeet Tripathi said...

अखिल भारतीय स्तर पर तो मुझे नही मालूम पर छत्तीसगढ़ स्तर पर तो युवक कांग्रेस का नाम तोड़फ़ोड़ ब्रिगेड रख देना चाहिए!!

यह वही युवक कांग्रेस है जिसने रायपुर के अटारी कांड पर पुतला दहन कर दिया फ़टाफ़ट बस हो गया काम खत्म!! उसके बाद प्रदेश कांग्रेस अध्यक्ष दुखी कि इन लड़कों का क्या किया जाए ऐसे गंभीर मुद्दे पर भी ऐसी राजनिति, एक वरिष्ठ पत्रकार ने सुझाया कि रायपुर बंद का आह्वाहन करिए। तो होता है रायपुर बंद!!

बात सिर्फ़ छत्तीसगढ़ की या युवक कांग्रेस की ही नही है , बाहर भी और दूसरे दलों के युवा विंग मे, स्तरीय नेताओं का अभाव सा हो गया है। बस आक्रामकता वह भी तोड़फ़ोड़ में, नारे लगाने में होना चाहिए बस बन गए युवा नेता!!

वैचारिक स्तर भले हो न हो!!


नक्कारखाने मे शहनाई की आवाज़ किसे सुनाई देती है ।