Friday, March 7, 2008

One More Women's Day

So we are again going to celebrate one more women's day. The very words put in my mind the pictures of long processions carrying verious slogans and soughting loudly for- Women's rights, Women's welfare, Women's respect and raising their voices againest Women's exploitation, torture of sufferings. The voice will be raised all about that in conferences and other progarammes made by many women's clubs or women welfare society or political parties etc. They will again talk about the duel rules and unjustice made by the society from thousands of years, and will blame either men or the society or even woman herself for all this. All thease things also done by them whole the year symbolicaly. But the question is that one day celebration or the symbolic agitations through the whole year, is enough for the struggle of equality? What should be more than that?

It is not becouse i want to minimize or underestimate their endeavours in this field. They do their best and they must be appreciated and thanked for all their efforts. But what i think is that an ordinary woman, or a rustic woman living in remote areas of our country can't be benefited by such clubs or societies or activities of political parties. Our orthodox women not even like the steps of tham. Not only rustic or ordinary women but even educated women don't want to create a fuss about their private lives. To a great extent they rather tolerate every kind of unjust treatment in their families.They, as i think, seem to think that this is destiny of a woman- to endure the torture, forget the torture and be prepared for further torture. A woman dose not want to go to the court, she can not even think of taking divorce. She only waits for her own destiny to be kind enough to make her happy. There might be exceptions in this case, but general survey is so.

Now what can be done? how can we prepare our suffering women to be bold? this boldness can not come in a creature all of sudden. Some-how we should try to change our thinking. The neccessity is to think sympathetically and reasonably about their condition. they themselves should try to be just about themselves. In our social as wel as private life we should try to be wise & alert about it. The whole society, country & the whole world have to be aware about their condition. In last but not least, i can say that when in every family a woman will given equal status, than this " Women's Day" will be meaningful. Only the celebration of Women's Day can't be enough.


ajay kumar jha said...

I think till than we are specially celebrating or can say just doing the formality it is fruitless and nothing is going to be changed unless and untill ground level steps should not be taken.

Remmish Gupta said...

Rightly said Chayanikaji. It's in recent times become another day to celcebrate. It'll become more meaningful only when the upper cadre of our society realizes the importance of uplifting women's status and starts giving equal status. A nice thought! Best wishes.

Nivedita said...

hi ur article...u r right....only discussion n celebration cannot improve a woman's condition. Education n awareness n facilities provided to women at grass root level can help to change the condition of women......Happy Women's Day....!

arpit said...

What you say here is definetly the crux of the matter in realtion to women of today. But i think a clear solution does need to be found out n implemented.
And as you have showed, that leaving out some exceptions most of the women are the one we have around us in our homes. Mothers, daughters, sisters, the maid governesses.. so on..
And it is from this individualistic level we can create a ripple which can move out forming a big wave of change that we all seem to be waiting around for.
Through respecting the women close to us and around us, is how we cam empower them, and not by gathering up others and hollering at them for change.. when all the while you mistreat your own women with disrespect and coldness..

But still well written..

Vinod said...

.....celebration or no celebration fact remains we have to go a long way for attaining the real liberation of almost 50 percent souls of this country....all the efforts be in the name of equality,feminism,reservation,participation etc. are more towards the outer n less towards inner.....i agree outer things are important as they give a message here n now but more important is empowerment of the inner of women....the outer would happen sponteneouly.....jane ya anjane mein ek aisa mahol ban raha hai jismen empowerment ke nam par women are converted into men...we have to see, observe n assimilate, men n women are different n they are to play different roles in the life. why to convert them....i have no hestation in admitting women folk have been at the receiving end as regards atrocities by manfolk....their minds are conditioned to act as subordinate...and now when we talk of equality they are respected for their achievements to become a doctor, lawyer, journalist and so on...shall we see and shout from the roof top- what difference a routine performance makes when it gets touch of a feminine feel n approach...we are celebrating a copy cat n so woman has excelled in so n so man's field.person like Chaynika has to sit alone and go into the depth of this aspect as i know none other than her can do so. And she has to come with a blue print..a comprehensive n flexible blue print for the true empowerment of women....she is not to put 'do'(ditto) beneath the previously written lines of others. she is to come forward with fresh ideas bubbling with'josh' n 'tamanna' to do some concrete thing so that our 'aadhi'
strength can be really stenthened.