Monday, June 18, 2007

Film Review – Jhum Bara Bar Jhum

Jhum Bar Bar Jhum is a movie with no story line, but lots of music-dance-masti and comedy. Story is you can say VAHI GHISA PITI love story line- a boy(Abhishek) and a girl (Prty Jinta) meets with fighting mode and lying each other that they are engaged and they are here for receive their fiancée. After that story goes on with their false love stories which they tell to each other in funny mode. During that they realize they fall in love with each other and now story goes on how they will get their love.

With long dance number and lots of music, movie has dramatic end. First part of movie seems some time unnecessarily lengthy which can be edit, but presence of bigB refresh the movie time by time. In love seen abhishek and lara looks comfortable & natural but prity looks little conscious. NOK JHOK of Abhishek n Prity make u laughs a lot.

Why this movie should watch? Good question… if you like music , dance, masti, comedy n last but not list the Big B, than can go and watch this once. But don’t apply your mind.

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Anonymous said...

its zinta not jinta you prick!